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Blue Angels' team leader, Cdr. Ryan "Boss" Bernacchi, leads the team out for their Saturday demonstration flight at the Westmoreland County Airshow.Lt Davies performs a low transition take off.Boss Bernacchi leads Lts Kroes, Scott and Benson through the Diamond 360 Pass.The Blue Angels in the Echelon Parade Pass.Lt Tyler Davies, Blue Angels #6 the Opposing Solo, lights the burners and accelerates following the Section High Alpha Pass.Lt Tyler Davies, Blue Angels #6 the Opposing Solo, lights the burners, accelerates and pulls vertical, following the Section High Alpha Pass.Boss Bernacchi landing at the completion of the Blue Angels demo.The Blue Angels' support aircraft, affectionately know as Fat Albert Airlines.Here, Bert turns around after landing, following the Blue's Saturday performance at the Westmoreland County Airshow in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.Fat Albert taxis by the crowd at the 2017 Westmoreland County Airshow.The Blue Angels' support plane, the Marine Corps C-130 Hercules "Fat Albert" taxis to the hot ramp.Blue Angels maintainers, early in the morning, checking aircraft 6's systems and shining the tires in preparation for the afternoon's performance.One of the team's Boeing technical representatives, Landy Harnishfeger has a look at Blue Angel #1, on Sunday morning.Boss leading the Blue Angels' Diamond Formation on take-off nearing the point of lifting the nose wheel off the ground.The Blue Angels Solos performing the Section Take Off, Sunday at the Westmoreland County Airshow.Blue Angels Section Take-Off with #5 lifting off to begin the Dirty Roll On Take-Off and #6 continuing to perform a Low Transition.Commander Weisser upside down with Lieutenant Davies on his wing, the Blue Angels Solos perform what they call the Fortus.Farvel ThingyBoss Bernacchi with Lt Kroes on his right wing in Echelon Formation, nearing the crowd line.In the Echelon Formation, Boss Bernacchi in a single seat F-18C and Right Wing, Lt Damon Kroes in a two seat F-18B.

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