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Familiar FacesTommy Blackburn, the man assigned to form and command Fighter Squadron 17, was noted for using any and every tactic to boost moralFlying the FlagJim Buckley takes the Dauntless up at Warbirds Over the Beach.SBD CleanupThe Plane That Won The Battle of MidwayUp We GoMarine Take OffThe Commemorative Air Force, Dixie Wing's P-51D Mustang returns from a flight.Speeding BulletSNJ-5The Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing's SBD taxis in after a flight.The Marines Have LandedModel 75Flying JeepThe Military Aviation Museum's TBM-3E Avenger moments before takeoff during the museum's airshow, Warbirds Over the Beach.Josh Wilson takes the TBM Avenger up.The Commemorative Air Force, Dixie Wing's Douglas SBD Dauntless, here moving rather quickly, on its take off roll.Clearing TurnHog Wild

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