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IMG_1057-Edit-EditThe A-26B Invader "Silver Dragon" taxis back to it's spot on the ramp following Thursday's rehearsal flight for the following day's Arsenal of Democracy fly over.SILVER DRAGON TAKE OFF 5SILVER DRAGON TAKE OFF 4SILVER DRAGON TAKE OFF 3SILVER DRAGON TAKE OFF 2The Douglas A-26 Invader, Silver Dragon accelerating down the runway for Thursday's practice flight for the Arsenal of Democracy Fly Over.Capt. Eddie Kurdziel accelerates to take off speed on Culpeper Airport's runway 04 on rehearsal day for the Arsenal of Democracy fly overThe F8F Bearcat put away for the day in the late afternoon ready for Friday's Arsenal of Democracy fly overTwo of the Fairey Firefly AS6's Hispano Mk. V 20mm cannons.The Waco PT-14 makes a pass, attempting to pop a helium balloon, during The Flying Circus Airshow.The A-26B Invader light bomber landing near sunset after participating in the July Fourth fly over of Washington DC.A-26B Invader, Lady Liberty, accelerating, on take off for the Fourth of July Salute to America Fly Over of Washington DC.This is one of 24 AT-11s used by the Royal Netherlands Military Flying School stationed at Jackson Army Air Base, Mississippi during the War.Tora!Tora!Tora!'s Kate torpedo bomber and Val dive bomber head for home following the Westmoreland County Air Show on Sunday.The Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation's C-54 "Spirit of Freedom" still helping people in need.A Commemorative Air Force Zero replica makes a pass during Tora, Tora, Tora's re-enactment of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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