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AIRBORNE TROJANT-28 TAKE OFFIMG_7476-Edit-2-EditJoe Edwards brings his T-28 Trojan past the field during Friday's practice for Saturday's Culpeper Air Fest.Joe Edwards takes off in his always immaculate T-28 Trojan during Friday evening's practice for the Culpeper Air Fest.T-28 Trojan, wearing the colors of VT-5 Pussycats, in the morning sunlight.Wearing the striking colors of Navy training squadron VT-5 Pussycats a T-28 Trojan on display at the 2019 Joint Base Andrews Air Show.Joe Edwards taxis his T-28 Trojan back to the hot ramp after his performance at the Culpeper Air Fest as Hunter, not actually in the way, watches.Culpeper Airport's resident T-28 Trojans in formation during the Culpeper Air Fest.Culpeper Airport's resident T-28 Trojans make a section take off.Joe Edwards takes his T-28 to the runway for his performance in the Culpeper Air Fest.Retired astronaut Joe Edwards at work in his T-28 Trojan during his photo pass at the NAS Norfolk Chambers Field Centennial Airshow.Joe Edwards begins his photo pass.Joe Edwards in his T-28 Trojan waits to taxi to the runway prior to his demonstration at the NAS Norfolk Chambers Field Centennial Airshow.Reb Nearing Touch DownA Man That Loves to Fly. . .Joe "Reb" Edwards performs his photo pass towards the end of his display at the Patuxent River Air Expo.Joe "Reb" Edwards coming down hill, rolling his T-28 Trojan to the right to set up for his next pass.Retired Space Shuttle Commander Joe "Reb" Edwards' T-28B Trojan.

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