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My pilot for the afternoon, Dan, holding short of the runway, watches to see if our wingmen are ready to roll.Jim staying glued to our left wing.Blue Silver Over Shades of GreenThrough Footless Halls of AirTexan Flight"Juice" on our left wing.Over The Capricious CountrysideTexan Over the Virginia PiedmontWith Felix the Cat painted on its fuselage, the T-6 a few feet off of Culpeper Airports runway 22.Peter shortly after take off, cleans up the landing gear.Peter maintains position on our left wing.Jim, in Texan Three, sliding in to rejoin the formation.Felix and FriendPeter as he rejoins the formation.You may have to squint to see it, but you can see the T-6 I'm in, in the reflection on the prop spinner.ConcentrationBlue Ridge Backdrop

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