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Northrop T-38 Talon
An Air Force T-38 Talon parked in front of the Navy's VFA-103 Jolly Rogers' hangar for display during the 2018 NAS Oceana Air Show.The Ironmen having flown the F-15 Eagle as the 71st Fighter Squadron were inactivated on September 30, 2010.A T-38 Talon assigned to the 71st Fighter Training Squadron, the Ironmen.Back In BlackTwo T-38 Talons, of the 71st Fighter Training Squadron, take off in section on Saturday at Air Power Over Hampton Roads.Out Of The Ashes Of Eagles...Northrop T-38C TalonT-38C TalonT-38 taxis from the active ramp at NAS Oceana early Saturday morning.Chargin' Cheetah

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