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Supermarine Spitfire
The Spitfire Mk. IXE taxis back to the ramp after the rehearsal flight on Thursday for the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover.John "Pappy" Mazza in the Spitfire makes a "strafing run" during the Warbirds Over Monroe Air Show.John Mazza about to touch down in the  Spitfire.Looking like a scene from the Battle of Britain, Pappy takes the Museum's Spitfire skyward.The Military Aviation Museum's Spitfire Mk. IXE at rest on the museum ramp.But The Sun Never Sets on the EmpireThe Military Aviation Museum's Spitfire in the setting sun.Jim Beasley Jr. coming around the corner in the Spitfire Mk XVIII.SpitfireJim Beasley's Spitfire Mk 18 powered by a 2,035 horsepower Rolls Royce Griffon 65.Your Plane AwaitsBusy Allied Air StationThe CO’s QueryGood Hunting, SirSupermarine 361 Spitfire HF9E (Mk IXE)Spitfire MkIX scrambles into the air.Cockpit of Squadron Leader George Silvester (DFC)'s Spitfire Mk. IX.Waiting For Jerry

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