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Capital Wing pilot Dan Botzer and marshaller Steve Siegmund, apparently photographing me as I photograph them, about to take flight in the L-5 Sentinel, Gayle Ann.Gayle Anne, the Capital Wing's L-5 Sentinel accelerating down the runway.The little L-5 Sentinel just after take off.Spotted by Rob Krieg, pilot of the Capital Wing's L-5 Sentinel, as he taxis by for a flight.The Capital Wing's L-5 Sentinel ready to give flights to customers for the afternoon.Gayle Ann Has ArrivedHogie, in the L-5 Sentinel, about to touch down.Golden Gayle AnnA Flight of the 25th Liaison Squadron was instrumental in the rescue of many downed airmen in there area of operation during World War II.At the Capital Wing hangar at 0700 in the morning.The Commemorative Air Force's Capital Wing's L-5 Sentinel watches over members of the Capital Wing as they set up their PX for the day.Winter MaintenanceThe Commemorative Air Force, Capital Wing's L-5 Sentinel pilot for the EAA 186 Fall Fly-In at Warrenton Airport, Kevin Price.Kevin accelerates the Capital Wing's L-5 down the runway at Warrenton-Fauquier Airport.All Smiles Upon ReturningFirst Hop Of The DayAscending SentinelBringing Her HomeIsland HopperThe Capital Wing of  the Commemorative Air Force's L-5 Sentinel arrives at Leesburg Airport.

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