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Fuji LM-1 Nikko
IMG_1386-Edit-EditIMG_5537-EditPhil McLanahan takes off in the Fuji LM-1 for the Warbird Parade during the Culpeper Air Fest.Our escort on the way to Warbirds Over the Beach, the rare Fuji LM-1 Nikko on our wing.The Fuji, performing sponsor rides duty for the 2017 Culpeper Air Fest.Phil brings the Fuji back to the hot ramp after flying in the Culpeper Air Fest.Another angle on the Fuji in the last rays of sun, parked on the ramp at Andrews AFBThe Fuji LM-1 on the ramp in the evening at Andrews AFB.The Fuji LM-1 arriving for the Leesburg Airshow.Sharing most everything, but their center fuselages, the Beech Mentor and Fuji LM-1.

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