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The 4th Fighter Wing's F-15E Strike Eagle in 75th Anniversary markings on display at the NAS Oceana Air Show.The unique VFC-12 Fighting Omars' F-18 Hornet painted to mimic the Russian SU-34 Fullback.The VFA-105 Gunslingers' Canyon 1-1 leads the Fleet Air Power Demo aircraft into the air during the 2018 NAS Oceana Air Show on Friday, Sept. 21.VFA-131 Wildcats, operating as Canyon 1-2 for the Fleet Air Power Demo, launches out of NAS Oceana.An F-18C Hornet assigned to VFA-106 Gladiators turns to join the on the other aircraft in the Fleet Air Power Demo.An F-18A Hornet assigned to VFC-12 being chase down by a VFA-105 F-18E Super Hornet during the Fleet Air Power Demo.Passing Raptor 1Passing Raptor 2Passing Raptor 3The F-22 Raptor climbing before the crowd at NAS Oceana.Focused in on Maj. Paul "Loco" Lopez as he performs a photo pass.Lt Mike "Hansel" Scott in the pilot's seat of the CAF Capital Wing's TBM Avenger discusses flying the Avenger with pilot Peter "Mr.Clean" Hague.The Snowbirds in the Mini Concorde formation during their Friday practice session.An Air Force T-38 Talon parked in front of the Navy's VFA-103 Jolly Rogers' hangar for display during the 2018 NAS Oceana Air Show.The Blue Angels taking off in fingertip formation, prior to moving to their trademark diamond formation.Lcdr Brandon Hempler #6 Opposing Solo performs the low transition as he takes off, Friday during the 2018 NAS Oceana Air Show.With every pilot in the formation focused on Boss, the Blue Angels perform the Daimond 360.Father and daughter watching the Blue Angels perform at NAS Oceana atop the wing of an F-15E Strike Eagle.The United States Navy Blue Angels.Tight shot of the Blue Angels' Echelon Parade pass flown at the NAS Oceana Air Show on Friday.

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