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Skip Stewart in his highly modified Pitts S-2S Special, Prometheus.Rob Holland Slips Past the CrowdF-117 Nighthawk, the "stealth fighter."F-117F-18 Super Hornets assigned to VFA-31 Tomcattters.Fighting CheckmateEmpire 106VFA-106 CAG BirdF-18 Hornet color bird of VFA-131 Wildcats.Star Spangled BonesOld Glory Meets Jolly RogerFelix 100VFA-31 Color BirdF-18C Hornet of VFA-131The pilot of an F-18 Hornet at NAS Oceana.F-18E Super Hornet PilotLegacy Hornet Tac DemoBAC Strikemaster in profile.BAC 167 Strikemaster, "The Dragon", owned and flown by Andy Anderson, makes a pass by the crowd.

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