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Doris Mae, the CAF Capital Wing's TBM Avenger on display at the NAS Norfolk Chambers Field Centennial Airshow.Called the Hummer because of the sound its engines make, an E-2 Hawkeye taxis in after its demonstration flight.A pair of MH-60 Knighthawk helicopters assigned to HSC-7 "Dusty Dogs" move in to pick up a group of operators.In Good CompanyThe Military Aviation Museum's PBY Catalina maneuvering for a pass over Chambers Field.The PBY Catalina make a pass by the crowd line at the NAS Norfolk Chambers Field Centennial Airshow.Another pass over Chambers Field by the Military Aviation Museum's PBY Catalina.A replica Nakajima Kate torpedo bomber, on hand as part of the CAF's Prowlers of the Pacific, makes a pass over Chambers Field.Pappy Mazza in the Wildcat chases down the Japanese Kate torpedo bomber.The Helldiver begins a scorching photo pass over the crowd's left shoulder, during Friday's practice show.You Know, Your Flat-Hatting Over Norfolk Will Get You Transfered To Manteo!Kevin "Sinbad" Sinibaldi  as he makes a right to left pass in the Military Aviation Museum's Skyraider.An E-2 Advanced Hawkeye assigned to VAW-120 breaks over Chambers Field.A US Navy E-2 Hawkeye breaks over Chambers Field during the base's centennial airshow.A Greyhound assigned to the Greyhawks breaks over head during the NAS Norfolk Chambers Field Centennial Airshow.An E-2 Hawkeye assigned to VAW-120 Greyhawks rolls out after landing following it's flight in the NAS Norfolk Chambers Field Centennial Airshow.A hovering MH-53E Sea Dragon assigned to HM-15 Blackhawks. call-sign Hurricane, during its demo at the NAS Norfolk Chambers Field Centennial Airshow.For retired naval aviator, astronaut and test pilot Joe Edwards, an aerobatic demonstration at an airshow is just another day at the office.Joe Edwards in his T-28 Trojan waits to taxi to the runway prior to his demonstration at the NAS Norfolk Chambers Field Centennial Airshow.Joe Edwards begins his photo pass.

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