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IMG_0285-Edit-EditDevil Dog climbing out to Culpeper Regional Airport.The PBJ-1 Mitchell roars by, on take off from Culpeper Regional Airport.The CAF Devil Dog Squadron's PBJ-1 Mitchell airborne and climbing.PBJ-1 Mitchell, Devil Dog accelerating toward take off speed on Culpeper Regional Airport's runway 22.Devil Dog, the Commemorative Air Force Devil Dog Squadron's PBJ-1J Mitchell begins it's take off roll.CHAMPAIGN GALGOLDEN HOUR GALThe Commemorative Air Force Missouri Wing's TB-25J Mitchell "Show Me" on the ramp at Culpeper Regional Airport.The PBJ-1J Mitchell "Devil Dog" on the Culpeper ramp in the late afternoon.Champaign Gal, the Champaign Aviation Museum's B-25J Mitchell in the landing flare prior to touching down following the Fourth of July fly over of Washington DC.B-25J Mitchell, Champaign Gal, as she takes off for Washington DC to participate in the Fourth of July Salute to America Fly Over.B-25J Mitchell "Panchito" about to lift the nose wheel off the runway, as she launches for July Fourth's Salute to American Fly Over.B-25 Mitchell "Wild Cargo" as it accelerates towards take off during the Warbirds Over the Beach air show.The Military Aviation Museum's B-25 Mitchell "Wild Cargo" accelerating towards take off.The Military Aviation Museum's B-25 Mitchell "Wild Cargo" shortly after sunrise.B-25 Mitchell "Panchito" flies past the Stars and Stripes during its demonstration at the Joint Base Andrews Air Show.The Yankee Air Museum's B-25 Yankee Warrior makes a cross wind landing during the Air Show for West Virginia at Yeager Airport.Maid In the Shade, the CAF Airbase Arizona's B-25 Mitchell rolling out after landing under an overcast sky.Maid in the Shade, the CAF Airbase Arizona's B-25 Mitchell on the at Leesburg Executive Airport.

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