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The US Army's Golden Knights Black Parachute Team takes to the sky in their new Bombardier Dash 8 to open the West Virginia Air Show.An Air Force C-12 Huron in morning light on the ramp for the 2017 Joint Base Andrews Air Show.A C-5 Super Galaxy lifts off in preparation for its flight demonstration at the Thunder Over Dover Air Show.Star Of Abilene II, a B-1 Lancer assigned to the 28th Bomb Squadron on display at Thunder Over Dover.The 141st Air Refueling Squadron "Tigers", New Jersey Air National Guard's KC-135 in special tiger markings for the unit's 100th Anniversary, on static display at the Northeastern Pennsylvania AirshowA Navy Texan II on the Manassas airport ramp photographed at sunriseI Think I'm Being FollowedOn static display, this MV-22 Osprey from VX-21 wearing Decepticon insignias.An MV-22B Osprey, assigned to HMX-1 Knighthawks, Executive Flight Detachment, on the Manassas Airport ramp on the morning of the airshow.MV-22 Osprey assigned to HMX-1 Knighthawks in the moring sunlight.An HMX-1 Knighthawks, Executive Flight Detachment, MV-22B Osprey in early morning light and shadows at the Manassas Airshow.The DC Air National Guard's C-40 in the early morning sunlight ready for the day's airshow.The MV-22 Osprey assigned to HMX-1 Knighthawks arrives at Manassas Airport, undeterred by the poor weather.Blue Knights, Gray DayB-52, 60-0007 of the 23d Bomb Squadron "Barons."Aerial Refueling AbstractThe variable geometry exhaust nozzle of the General Electric F101-GE-102 turbo-fan engine on a B-1 bomberA well worn B-1 bomber sits quietly on the ramp in the early morning sunUnited States Marine CorpsImmaculate HMX-1 Osprey

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