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FRESH AIRExtreme close-up of a hot air balloon.Balloons Take FlightLighting the burner to gain altitude during the Flying Circus' Hot Air Balloon FestivalKirk Wicker arriving at the Hot Air Balloon Festival in the Piper Cub.One of two Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 taxiing on MCAS Cherry Point, bring Marines home.Mike and Dan return from a hop in the Beech 18.The Twin Beech, powered by two Pratt & Whitney R-985 engines, on take off as pilot Mike Spalding retracts the landing gear.Photographed at sunset on the Culpeper Regional Airport ramp, the Virginia Department of Aviation's King AirCommonwealth King AirWhat The FunkAnticipationSwiss ImportAround the world solo veterans, this Beech Bonanza and it's pilot Adrian Eichhorn clean up after lifting off from Culpeper Airport.Best Dressed BonanzaTriple ThreeJohn makes a low pass over the field in the Waco.A paramotor shares airspace with a pair of hot air balloons during The Flying Circus' Hot Air Balloon Festival.Red Waco, Green grass, Blue Stearman and even an additive color, the Yellow Cub.Flying Colors

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