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Red Bull Gives You WingsRandy Ball's Mig-17 at Air Power Over Hampton RoadsIMG_0524-Edit-EditRandy Ball flying the Mig-17F.The Mig-17 returns to Langley AFB.MiG-17F at Langely AFBPilot of the Mig-17, Randy Ball.Thumbs up from BuickBlack Diamond Migs Twilgiht LaunchBlack Diamond Solos at TwilightMig-17s of the Black Diamond Jet Team.IMG_0932-Edit-Edit-EditCapt. Dale "Snort" SnodgrassBlack Diamond DoubleCapt. Dale "Snort" Snodgrass performing one of his trademark low passes.Black Diamond Mig-17Snort in the Mig-17

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