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P-51D Mustang, Bald Eagle warming up its engine.Warrior Flight L-39, Vandy1 with  a war veteran in the second seat.Robinson R-22 helicopter at Manassas Regional Airport.1946 Aeronca 7AC Champ.Robinson R-22 Beta II.Sean Carroll arriving at Manassas airport in his Yak-9.P-51D Mustang, Bald Eagle on its take-off roll at Manassas Airport.Kirk Wicker in the "stolen" Piper Cub.Mark "Crunchy" Burgess rolls the L-39 "Vandy1" inverted.Warrior Aviation Team demonstrating BFM Basic Fighter Maneuvers aka Dogfighting.Warrior FlightSean Carrol lands his Yak-9 in a crosswind.AuroraWing walker Jane Wicker waves to the crowd.Jane Wicker riding the top wing of her plane Aurora.Charlie Schwenker putting his Extra 300 through its paces.Charlie Schwenker taxis past the crowd at the Manassas airshow in his Extra 300.Jim Beasley's P-51D Mustang, Bald Eagle.

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