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A CH-53E Super Stallion assigned to HMH-366 "Hammerheads" on the Leesburg Airport ramp, before the crowds arrive for the airshow.Scott Francis' MXS on the ramp, ready to go, first thing Saturday morning.Andrew McKenna just after touching down, in the P-51 Mustang, at Leesburg Executive Airport for the afternoon's airshow.Andrew slows his Mustang down.Andrew taxis the Mustang toward the Leesburg Airport ramp after arriving Saturday morning for the afternoon's airshow.Almost ThereDan and Rob Have ArrivedMeeting Of MarinesSwiss ImportThe Fuji LM-1 arriving for the Leesburg Airshow.Doris Mae, the CAF Capital Wing's TBM Avenger on the Leesburg Airport ramp, ready for an afternoon of flying.Tail-on view of Doris Mae, the CAF Capital Wing's TBM Avenger.The replica IJN Val dive bomber featured in the movies Tora, Tora, Tora and Midway, on the ramp at Leesburg Executive Airport for the airshow.JefferyA Flight of the 25th Liaison Squadron was instrumental in the rescue of many downed airmen in there area of operation during World War II.A Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter assigned to HMH-366 "Hammerheads" on display at the Leesburg Airshow.The CAF Capital Wing's TBM Avenger on the Leesburg ramp awaiting the arrival of Wing members to prepare her for the airshow.Paul Dougherty passes the crowd in his Christen Eagle II.Paul Dougherty taxis his Christen Eagle II back to the ramp following his aerobatic performance at the Leesburg Airshow.Jim piloting Doris Mae with her main gear coming up as she goes past.

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