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Exhaust staining on the P-51 Mustang.Mustang Over WingNaval Aviation, Enough SaidJL Aero At WorkTA-272Keepin' 'Em Flyin'The Capital Wing of  the Commemorative Air Force's L-5 Sentinel arrives at Leesburg Airport.ImmaculateDaniel-san, Wax On, Wax OffCharlie and ArtScott Francis away from the crowd, pre-visualizing his routine.Scott Francis' MXS, ready to go for the Leesburg Airshow.Nearing LiftoffLowLow TransitionChina MaidArt At WorkRandy "DaBear" Devere shortly after takeoff at the beginning of his solo display.Daniel Fortin about to land following the YakAttack performance.The Commemorative Air Force, Capital Wing's TBM-3E Avenger "Doris Mae" spreads her wings in preparation for a flight display.

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