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PanchitoB-25J Mitchell bomber, Panchito owned by Larry Kelly, photographed at Langley AFB.F-15A Eagle, Spirit of the Virginia Peninsula, a ground instructional airframe used be the 1st Fighter Wing.1st Fighter Wing BillboardNoise MakerGreg PoeCommemorative Air Force P-51C Mustang, Tuskegee Airmen.Red TailRedtail Mustang Fly ByB-25 Panchito At Air Power Over Hampton RoadsWho Needs Hands When You Have Skids?Bill Leff's T-6 at Air Power Over Hampton RoadsBill LeffRandy Ball's Mig-17 at Air Power Over Hampton RoadsRandy Ball Flying the Mig-17FRandy Ball flying the Mig-17F.The Mig-17 returns to Langley AFB.MiG-17F at Langely AFBPilot of the Mig-17, Randy Ball.John Mohr Coming At You

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