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David and Brian make an early morning arrival over the Flying Circus airfield.Stearman 03 and 404 just before their break for landing over the Flying Circus airfield.Army/Navy Break For Landing404 Entering The Break404 taxiing on the Flying Circus Airshow field after having arrived for the Balloon Festival.Soaking In The Morning SunlightAeronca Champ "Sweet Sixteen" takes off from the Flying Circus airfield.The Conns ArriveFlying ColorsRed Waco, Green grass, Blue Stearman and even an additive color, the Yellow Cub.A paramotor shares airspace with a pair of hot air balloons during The Flying Circus' Hot Air Balloon Festival.Saturday Morning03You've got to love polished props and direct light for photography and the resulting "lightning bolt" the combination produces.Brian At WorkJohn makes a low pass over the field in the Waco.Brian streaks low past the field while his passenger grabs a selfie.Rick slows his Stearman after landing.Triple ThreeA busy afternoon of ride hopping at the Flying Circus.

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