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Art Nalls bows in the Sea Harrier to close out his demonstration at the Culpeper Air Fest.Art Nalls brings the Sea Harrier past the crowd at the Culpeper Air Fest.23,500 lbs ThrustHovering AV-8B Harrier assigned to VMA-231 Ace of Spades during its demonstration at the Westmoreland County Air Show.A two-seat TAV-8B Harrier (T-bird) departs MCAS Cherry Point.A two-seat Harrier blasts out of MCAS Cherry Point.Future Sea Harrier pilot Jenna Dolan takes the jet out to get a feel for its handling on the ground following the conclusion of the Culpeper Air Fest.The most unique aircraft on the airshow circuit, the Sea Harrier or SHAR for short. Here, Art Nalls, owner/pilot returns to the hot ramp after flying his demo at the Culpeper Air FestThe Sea Harrier makes a bow to the crowd as it's final maneuver before landing.Art Nalls performs his photo pass during the 2017 Culpeper Air Fest.Art Nalls in the hover, slowly rotating the Sea Harrier's the nose a full 360 degrees.The Sea Harrier, turning fuel into noise, hovering before the crowd at Thunder Over Dover.Now, The Real Work BeginsThis Bites!Joe Anderson makes a very slow pass over the runway after arriving at Culpeper Airport for the Airfest.Art Nalls touches down, upon landing at the end of his performance, in a cloud of heat.Art Nalls dips the nose of the Sea Harrier during the hover, prior to landing.Art Nalls streaks over Manassas Airport during a high speed pass.Art Nalls bring the Sea Harrier in for a photo pass over Manassas Airport.Sapphire Adorned Harrier

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