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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
SENTIMENTAL SLOW DOWNB-17G Flying Fortress "Yankee Lady", operated by the Yankee Air Museum, accelerating down the Manassas Regional Airport's runway 16L.The Movie Memphis Belle shortly after sunrise on the ramp at Joint Base Andrews.The Erickson Aircraft Collection's B-17 Flying Fortress "Madras Maiden" raises her landing gear as she climbs out of Monroe Executive Airport.Looking forward into the bombardier's station from the forward entry door of the Colling's Foundation's B-17 Flying Fortress.Nose of Nine O NineBoeing B-17G Flying Fortress "Nine O Nine."The Yankee Air Museum's B-17 Flying Fortress "Yankee Lady" about a mile away as it set up for a pass at the 2018 West Virginia Air Show.Yankee Warrior nearing take off speed during the Air Show for West Virginia.The Yankee Air Museum's B-17 Flying Fortress "Yankee Lady" accelerating towards take off.The B-17 that played the part of the Memphis Belle in the movie of the same name taxis back to the ramp after a media flight from MCAS Cherry Point.381st BGThe Yankee Air Museum's B-17 Flying Fortress "Yankee Lady" during one of her many passes over the Yeager Airport 70th Anniversary Air Show.Yankee Lady, the Yankee Air Museum's B-17 Flying Fortress in the evening sun light, Saturday at the Yeager Airport 70th Anniversary Air Show.More Than Just Another Pretty FaceThe EAA's B-17G Flying Fortress "Aluminum Overcast," shuts down for the final time at Manassas Airport on Sunday evening.Aluminum Overcast, the EAA's B-17 Flying Fortress taxis in following the last flight of the day.Returning To The RampThe EAA's B-17 "Aluminum Overcast" reflecting the golden hue of the evening's sunset.Aluminum Overcast, the Experimental Aircraft Association's B-17 Flying Fortress, moments before touching down on her final flight Sunday evening.

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