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One of several Navy TH-57 Sea Ranger helicopters on display at the Dulles Plane Pull.Used as an artillery spotting aircraft during World War II, the rather mundane L-4 Grasshopper packed a punch by directing artillery onto the enemy.They look pretty good in front of a Mustang. . . Must be the Mustang. CAF Capital Wing members Steve "Tater" Futato, Dan "Steely" Rooks and Zach "Bayside" Brown in front of Scott "Scooter" Yoak's MustA Coast Guard HC-130 Hercules on display at the Dulles Plane Pull.Midway Movie PropSo, what's faster, Corvette or Mustang?Keeping The Dream AlivePan Am Clipper Tabitha May looking great under a mostly cloudy sky.Prior to departing, Capital Wing members Jim and Zach pull the prop through to clear oil from the lower cylinders of the Capital Wing's TBM Avenger "Doris Mae."

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