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Island HopperIMG_6842-2-EditGold 3 and 4 flying past the Blue Ridge Mountains.T-6/SNJ Texans, in left echelon on Dan Haug's T-6, over the Virginia countryside.Ok, now everyone smile for your close up. Formation training over Virginia.A Navy and a Marine marked Texan in echelon over Virginia.Texans over the Virginia foothills.Virginia CountrysideGold 2 in a right hand bank, with the rest of the formation, over the Blue Ridge Mountains.Blue Ridge BoundTurning to FinalLou taxis toward the runway in the Military Aviation Museum's SNJ-2 Texan, for a late afternoon flight.Jim taxis his Texan out for the final flight of the day.Rob rolls toward the runway for a late afternoon flight.Jim cleans up the landing gear, moments after lifting off from Culpeper Airport's runway 4.Texan EveningBringing Her HomeSunset Over TexanSunset on a group of Texans at Culpeper Airport, Virginia.Looking back at our wingman during a section take off.

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