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Potomac Flight BriefTeam VandenBossche Has ArrivedArt Nalls brings the Sea Harrier in for a slow rolling landing at Culpeper Airport.Art Nalls rolls out in the Sea Harrier.Tailpipe of the L-39. Pretty self explanatory.The Sea Harrier sits quietly on the Culpeper Airport ramp under cloudy skies.Panchito Returns From the Potomac FlightPappy and BozNavy Blue On GoldThis T-6 returning from the Potomac Flight really stands out against Virginia's Fall foliage.A head on view of the world's only civilian owned Sea Harrier FA2.Mike Hogan takes Mike Dale's Percival P-56 Provost up for a flight on Friday afternoon.Dan carefully aligns his T-6 on target during the Flour Bombing Competition.T-6G Texan "Spanish Lady" on her flour bombing run.The Waco "Miss Casette", on a flour bomb run.A Stearman in Navy colors on it's bombing run during Friday's flour bombing contest.The Flying Circus's Stearman making a run during Friday's flour bombing contest.Combat LandingThe highly polished P-51D Mustang takes off against a Virginia Fall backdrop, at Culpeper Airport.Cadillac Of The Sky

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