IMG_3920-Edit-EditFIGHTING 17 TAKE OFF IIIFIGHTING 17 TAKE OFF IIThe FG-1D Corsair, wearing the marking of Navy squadron VF-17 "Jolly Rogers," on take during practice day for the 2020 Arsenal of Democracy Fly Over.The F4U-5N Corsair on the brakes after touching down at Manassas Regional Airport following its Fourth of July fly over of Washington DCThe FG-1D Corsair puts a hint of day light under the mains as it lifts off.The Corsair sporting the Jolly Roger of VF-17 on our left wing during the Pacific Flight at Warbirds Over the Beach.John Glenn in the Corsair and Sinbad in the Skyraider slide left to make room for the TBM Avenger on lead's left wing to form a Left Echelon.FIGHTER ESCORTThe FG-1D Corsair piloted by John Fuentes, on our formation lead's left wing in the Pacific Flight Formation during Warbirds Over the Beach.John Fuentes clearing the runway at the beginning of the Corsair's portion of Warbirds Over Monroe.The Military Aviation Museum's FG-1D Corsair climbs out of Monroe Executive Airport.You Know, Your Flat-Hatting Over Norfolk Will Get You Transfered To Manteo!With the gear down and full flaps, John Fuentes in the Military Aviation Museum's Corsair moments before touching down for a landing.John Fuentes powers toward take off in the Military Aviation Museum's Corsair.Beast TamerCockpit of the FG-1D Corsair.The distinctive shape of the Corsair, coming at youThe Commemorative Air Force, Dixie Wing's FG-1 Corsair accelerating down the runway towards take-off.Corsair and Mustang together during the Mid-Atlantic Air Museums' World War II Weekend.

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