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Col Todd Ferry, Commanding Officer MCAS Cherry Point, in the pilot's seat following his flight in the CAF Capital Wing's TBM Avenger "Doris Mae."Cdr Eric "Popeye" Doyle, commanding officer of the Blue Angels flies past the crowd line at MCAS Cherry Point.The Blue Angels climbing while performing the Diamond Dirty Loop during practice for the MCAS Cherry Point Airshow.Picture PerfectThe Sneak Pass!Should I Duck?Lt Brandon Hempler, Blue Angels #6, the Opposing Solo for the 2018 seasonThe Blue Angels Diamond Formation coming straight at you.Blue Angels Lead Solo Lt Tyler Davies with a VIP in his backseat during Thursday practice for the 2018 MCAS Cherry Point Airshow.The afterburner portion of the Blue Angels' Burner 270 maneuver.The Blue Angels performing the Loop Break during practice for the 2018 Cherry Point Airshow.Blue Angels' Lead Solo, Lt. Tyler Davies in one of the team's two seat F-18s just after touching down following a practice flight with a lucky rider in his backseat.Blue Angels #6, Lt Brandon Hempler touches down, concluding the Thursday practice demonstration.A two-seat Harrier blasts out of MCAS Cherry Point.One of two Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 taxiing on MCAS Cherry Point, bring Marines home.A two-seat TAV-8B Harrier (T-bird) departs MCAS Cherry Point.The B-17 that played the part of the Memphis Belle in the movie of the same name taxis back to the ramp after a media flight from MCAS Cherry Point.TBM Avenger taxiing to the ramp on MCAS Cherry Point's Cunningham Field.Doris Mae, the Commemorative Air Force Capital Wing's TBM Avenger taxiing to the ramp at MCAS Cherry Point.Jerry "Vlad" Conley takes the de Havilland Vampire up for demo flight, prior to sunset at the 2018 MCAS Cherry Point Airshow's Friday evening show.

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