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One of about 70 that are left, the Bird has excellent handling and short field characteristics. Charles Lindberg purchased one to complete his wife's flight instruction. Wiley Post was a Bird dealer.The Bird on an early morning flight.The Original Manned Flight TechnologyIMG_9358-Edit747Boeing (Stearman) PT-17 KaydetKirk Wicker arrives in his Piper Cub.Like A RainbowBusy AirspaceApparently, Rocky Finds the Balloons Rather BoringJohn Corradi swoops down across the airfield.David Brown swoops in on the field during an aerobatic flight.Navy 747Slipping The Surly BondsSome Day, That'll Be Me Up ThereJohn Corradi leads the rest of the Flying Circus up for the show.John Corradi in the Waco, bears down on helium balloons, released to be popped by the props of the Flying Circus' planes.David Conn make his run at the balloons.Joe Bender in the Starduster, attacks the balloons.Mike King brings the Waco UPF-7 in for a run at a balloon.

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