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Seahawk and Mennonites

Seahawk and Mennonites

I thought this was an odd combination. Seahawk and Mennonites?
This HH-60H Seahawk helicopter is assigned to HSC-84 at NAS Norfolk. HSC-84 is a special warfare support and strike rescue squadron. This particular HH-60 wears a special paint scheme to commemorate a Century Of Naval Aviation (CONA). This scheme represents the colors of Light Attack Helicopter Squadron Three (HAL-3)"Seawolves" during the Vietnam War. HAL-3 was decommisioned in 1972 and is the most decorated Navy squadron in history.

United States Navy
Sikorsky HH-60H Rescue Hawk
163787 / 202
HSC-84 Red Wolves, NAS Norfolk, Virginia

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Keywords:163787 / 202 (cn 700625), CONA, Centennial of Naval Aviation, HAL-3, HSC-84 Red Wolves, NAS Norfolk, NAS Oceana / Apollo Soucek Field (NTU / KNTU), NAS Oceana Air Show 2011, Sikorsky HH-60H Rescue Hawk (S-70B-5), U.S.Navy, Virginia, helicopter