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The US Navy Blue Angels shortly after taking off from NAS Oceana to perform a circle and arrival orientation flight.Tickle Your FancyBlue Angels Solos.Blue Angels 6 Landing at NAS OceanaBlue Angels 6 LandingA Little CloserBelly shot of Blue Angels #6, Lcdr Dave "Elmo" Tickle on final for Apollo Soucek Field's runway 23L.Blue Angels #5, Lcdr C. J. Simonsen, Lead Solo brings his F-18 Hornet over head, on final for NAS Oceana's runway 23L.Blue Angels 5 LandingBlue Angels on FinalLook Out BelowLcdr C.J. Simonsen landing #5 on NAS Oceana' runway, 23L.Blue Angels 5 Flying DirtyA view into the Blue Angels Diamond Formation.IMG_6686-Edit-EditJoker Zero One Pulling VaporJoker Zero One, an F-18 Hornet of VFA-34 Blue Blasters pulling vapors.Black DaimondHeritage Flight QF-4E Phantom IIMcDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II.

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