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Some Assembly Required HDREarly morning photo of a T-28 Trojan, of the Trojan Horsemen Demonstration Team covered in dew, bathed in the golden sunlight.Mirror,MirrorNavy Blue and GoldAt The ReadyWaco UPF-7SHARPilatus PC-12Panchito Romero Miguel Junipero Francisco Quintero González IIIWacoJohn "Mustache" Corradi diving in his beautiful Waco UPF-7.John Corradi in his Waco UPF-7, demonstates gunnery practise, as done during WWII. by tossing a roll of paper towels out of the cockpit and shredding it with his prop as it falls.Kevin Russo In His SNJ-6 TexanKevin Russo climbing in his SNJ-6 Texan."Renegade" Russo taxis back to the hot ramp at Culpepper Airport.Charlie Schwenker performs in his Extra 300.Charlie Schwenker flies past the crowd at the Culpeper Airfest.Extra EA-300

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