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Doris Mae was the only aircraft within the squadron to wear pinup nose art!TBM Avenger P87, better known as Doris Mae over flies the Virginia piedmont in fall colorsEnhancing The Fall FoligaeJersey GirlIn flight the Avenger appears graceful.Pin-up Doris Mae adorning the cowl panel over the 14 cylinder, 2600 cubic inch, 1900 horsepower Wright Cyclone 14 radial engine of the TBM-3 Avenger.The Avenger delivered quite a punch to America's enemies.Marine Corps AvengerTBM Avenger "Doris Mae" assigned to VMTB-143 "Rocket Raiders". Marine Carrier Air Group Two, USS Gilbert Islands. 1945.Due to its size and awkward appearance, the Avenger was nicknamed the Turkey.

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