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TURKEY CLOSE UPCRUISIN' AVENGERBIG, ISN'T SHE?CHASING DORIS MAENavy bureau number 91426, identifying this as the Commemorative Air Force Capital Wing's TBM-3E Avenger, Doris Mae, in  flight over Peru, Illinois.The TBM Avenger coming in for a landing.With it's large fuselage, wing flaps extended and long slender landing gear, this view of the Avenger might explain why it was nicknamed the Turkey.THUNDERING AVENGER IIITHUNDERING AVENGER IITBM-3 Avenger "Doris Mae" thunders down the runway, accelerating to take off speed.FACING THE RISING SUNTBM-3 Avenger, She's the Boss photographed near sunset, on the ramp at Culpeper Airport.SHE'S THE BOSS AT SUNSETIn town for the 2020 Arsenal of Democracy Fly Over,TBM Avenger "She's The Boss" on the Culpeper Airport ramp at sunset.TBM-3 in the Atlantic color scheme wearing the markings of VC-13 on the Culpeper Airport ramp at sunset.AVENGER ALIGHTINGWild TurkeyGilbert Islands GirlGilbert Islands GirlMarine Corps Avenger

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