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Julie Doing What She LovesDave Whitbeck "Orange 2" of the Commemorative Air Force Marshalling Detachment takes a quick break between formation practice flights.Grumpy, Walt Fricke's SNJ-5 Texan comes in for a landing following one of many Texan formation flights done in preparation for the Arsenal of Democracy fly over.The PBJ-1J Mitchell "Devil Dog" on the Culpeper ramp in the late afternoon.The Commemorative Air Force Missouri Wing's TB-25J Mitchell "Show Me" on the ramp at Culpeper Regional Airport.Two of the Fairey Firefly AS6's Hispano Mk. V 20mm cannons.The CAF Redtail Squadron P-51 Mustang prepares to taxi out for a late afternoon flight.The Redtail P-51 Mustang accelerating down Culpeper Regional Airport's runway 22 for a late afternoon flightThe Redtail Mustang just after lifting off the runway.The sun low in the sky turning the Redtail Mustang from silver to gold.The Redtail Mustang climbing out of Culpeper for a late afternoon flight.GOLDEN HOUR GALCHAMPAIGN GALTBM-3 in the Atlantic color scheme wearing the markings of VC-13 on the Culpeper Airport ramp at sunset.In town for the 2020 Arsenal of Democracy Fly Over,TBM Avenger "She's The Boss" on the Culpeper Airport ramp at sunset.The F8F Bearcat put away for the day in the late afternoon ready for Friday's Arsenal of Democracy fly overThe SNJ-5 Texan flown by Walt Fricke, second element lead slides in behind the lead element of the formation.The T-6G Texan flown by Dave Steele, wingman in our second element slides behind the first element of the formation.In the Diamond formation looking back at number 4 in the slot position.This pair of brightly colored Texans pops against the green of the Virginia country side.

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