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That's All Brother, the C-47 that lead the first US wave of the Normandy Invasion, on the ramp at Joint Base Andrews.Wearing the striking colors of Navy training squadron VT-5 Pussycats a T-28 Trojan on display at the 2019 Joint Base Andrews Air Show.The Blue Angels break out of some low, thin clouds during the Diamond Dirty Loop.Blue Angels' Lead Solo, Lcdr Brandon Hempler with USAF Thunderbirds Lead Solo, Maj Matt Kimmel in his backseat during the Solo Minimum Radius Turn.Lead Solo, Lcdr Brandon Hempler with a USAF Thunderbirds pilot in his backseat during an opposing pass with Opposing Solo, Lcdr Andre Webb.Blue Angels 5 and 6 during an opposing pass with three of the four Diamond aircraft rejoining in the background.Lcdr Brandon Hempler of the Blue Angels with USAF Thunderbirds' Maj Matt Kimmel in his backseat, along side Lcdr Andre Webb during the Section High Alpha Pass.Section High Alpha PassT-28 Trojan, wearing the colors of VT-5 Pussycats, in the morning sunlight.The Movie Memphis Belle shortly after sunrise on the ramp at Joint Base Andrews.Blue Angels' F-18 Hornet #6 basking in rising sun lightThunderbirds F-16 #6 photographed on the Andrews ramp shortly after 6:00 AM.B-25 Mitchell "Panchito" flies past the Stars and Stripes during its demonstration at the Joint Base Andrews Air Show.

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