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Out Of The Ashes Of Eagles...Two T-38 Talons, of the 71st Fighter Training Squadron, take off in section on Saturday at Air Power Over Hampton Roads.Back In BlackAn F-16 of the 55th Fighter Squadron.Tiger's BiteAn F-22 Raptor slowing down after touching down at Langley AFB.A T-38 Talon assigned to the 71st Fighter Training Squadron, the Ironmen.The Ironmen having flown the F-15 Eagle as the 71st Fighter Squadron were inactivated on September 30, 2010.Ken Rieder leads Jon Thocker in formation through a series of maneuvers.Silver StarThe Ace Maker II low and slow in the landing configuration.IMG_0592-EditThe Shockwave Jet Truck.Greg Coyler taxis Ace Maker II past a packed crowd at Air Power Over Hampton Roads.Scott "Scooter" Yoak brings Quick Silver past the crowd at Air Power Over Hampton Roads.Lt. Scott “MacGruber” Lindahl, his head under the vapor cone over the canopy, during the photo pass.Maneuver MigJim Tobul rolls his Corsair "Korean War Hero."A well worn B-1 bomber sits quietly on the ramp in the early morning sunThe variable geometry exhaust nozzle of the General Electric F101-GE-102 turbo-fan engine on a B-1 bomber

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