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JP and Jimmy join up on the rest of the flight, shortly after taking off from Culpeper Airport.JP piloting his T-6, Spanish Lady over Northern Virginia.T-6 Texan. TA-788 flying over Culpeper, Virginia.Rick "Cooler" Henshaw in his T-6 Texan slides on to our wing during the Culpeper Formation Clinic.Paul "Kid" Miles piloting Reno Racer "Gotcha" in echelon formation.Flight lead Dave Kahley turns the formation west toward the Blue Ridge Mountains.Rod Moyer on right wing of the formation during a right turn."Doc" Malone, last aircraft in the mass formation, holds position in formation.In the center of the photo is our flight lead (Charlie Flight) John "Pappy Mazza.Flock Of TexansJoe Edwards takes off in his always immaculate T-28 Trojan during Friday evening's practice for the Culpeper Air Fest.Joe Edwards brings his T-28 Trojan past the field during Friday's practice for Saturday's Culpeper Air Fest.P-51 Mustang, Swamp Fox lifts off for its practice flight for the Culpeper Air Fest.P-51 Mustang, Swamp Fox piloted by RT Dickson.Jenna Dolan insuring the taxi way is clear as she pulls out in the L-39 Albatros.Clemens Kuhlig drives his inverted Pitts toward the ribbon suspended 40 feet over the ground, which he'll cut during this pass.Kevin Russo, with the landing gear coming up, on take off, to start his demonstration at the Culpeper Air Fest.Powered by a 1400 horsepower Wright R-1820 Cyclone engine, Joe Edwards on take off, to begin his demonstration at the Culpeper Air Fest.Art Nalls brings the Sea Harrier past the crowd at the Culpeper Air Fest.Art Nalls bows in the Sea Harrier to close out his demonstration at the Culpeper Air Fest.

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