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Immaculate CoastieTBM Avenger Doris Mae just after touch down at Leesburg Executive Airport for the afternoon's airshow.RJ Gritter performing aerobatics in his Super Decathlon during the Leesburg AirshowAdam Messenheimer waves to the crowd after performing at the Leesburg Airshow.TBM Avenger with the bomb bay open during a pass at the 2018 Leesburg Airshow.The Capital Wing's TBM Avenger beginning a pass of the crowd at Leesburg.TBM Avenger operated by the Commemorative Air Force Capital Wing makes a photo pass during the 2018 Leesburg Airshow.Doris Mae, the Commemorative Air Force Capital Wing's TBM Avenger performing a photo pass during the 2018 Leesburg Airshow.An Aviation Survival Technician (AST) about to be lowered from a Coast Guard MD-65 Dolphin helicopter.

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