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A true D-Day veteran, C-47 "Placid Lassie" on a foggy, morning ramp, that could be her 1944 base, Aldermaston, England, but in reality is Culpeper Regional Airport.Clemens Kuhlig's Pitts tucked into a hangar for safe keeping before the Culpeper Air Fest.The Twin Beech, powered by two Pratt & Whitney R-985 engines, on take off as pilot Mike Spalding retracts the landing gear.Seaplane Crossings' Grumman Albatross seaplane lifts off from Culpeper Airport on a flour bombing derby mission.D-Day veteran C-47 "Placid Lassie" lifts off on the first of two flour bombing derby missions on Friday prior to the weekend's Culpeper Air Fest.The C-47 "Placid Lassie," a D-Day veteran entering the drop zoneC-47 "Placid Lassie" lines up to drop a flour bomb during the Culpeper Airfest Flour Bombing Derby.The Grumman HU-16 Albatross on its bomb run during the Culpeper Air Fest Flour Bombing Derby.Future Sea Harrier pilot for Nalls Aviation, Jenna Dolan, securing the cockpit of the L-39 after landing at Culpeper Airport for the 2017 Culpeper Air Fest.'40s era Streaman biplanes of The Flying Circus, lined up on the ramp for the Culpeper Air Fest.Olivia and SUThe TBM Avenger unfolds its wings, going from 23 feet wide to a full 54 feet wide.The Capital Wing's TBM Avenger, a World War II, Marine Corps veteran, begins a pass down the runway during the 2017 Culpeper Air Fest.The dueling Val and TBM close their act, flying in formation together.Tom Malone pushing the Capital Wing's TBM Avenger hard, chasing after the Japanese Val, during their routine at the 2017 Culpeper Air Fest.Rob landing the Val following his performance at the Culpeper Air FestRJ Gritter in the Super Decathlon makes his photo pass during his performance at the 2017 Culpeper Air Fest.Joe Edwards takes his T-28 to the runway for his performance in the Culpeper Air Fest.Art Nalls waits for the signal to start the engine on his L-39 prior to performing at the 2017 Culpeper Air Fest.C-47 "Placid Lassie" roars past the crowd at the Culpeper Air Fest during her flying display.

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