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A WC-130 Hurricane Hunter taxis past after arriving at MCAS Cherry Point on Friday evening for the airshow.Three EA-6B Prowlers assigned to VMAQT-1 "Banshees" lined up on the runway at Cherry Point.VMAQT-1 "Banshees" color bird accelerates for takeoff.VMAQT-1 "Banshees" EA-6B Prowler lifts off to begin VMAQT-1's retirement ceremony.An EA-6B Prowler assigned to VMAQT-1 "Banshees" launches from MCAS Cherry Point for the squadron's decommissioning ceremony.A Banshees' Prowler lifts its nose wheel off the tarmac as it lifts off for the VMAQT-1 Deactivation Ceremony.A VMAQT-1 "Banshees" EA-6B Prowler launches out of MCAS Cherry Point.This trio of Banshee EA-6B Prowlers are in the air to mark their squadrons eminent retirement.Trio of Banshee EA-6B Prowlers in Echelon Formation over fly MCAS Cherry Point to mark their squadrons retirement.The Banshees' color bird taxis past the crowd following it's flight during the squadron's deactivation ceremony.The Squad CarClose up view of the Banshees' color bird as it taxis past the crowd following its flight during the squadron's deactivation ceremony.Evening ProwlerCaptain Katie Higgins puts the Blue Angels' C-130 "Fat Albert" into a low transition and cleans up the gear, during the twilight show at the 2016 MCAS Cherry Point Airshow.Fat Albert, the Blue Angels' C-130 Hercules, raises the gear prior to climbing during the twilight show at the 2016 Cherry Point Airshow.Captain Higgins begins to pull Bert into what will be a 45 degree climb.The Blue Angels' C-130 Hercules, Fat Albert at 30 degrees nose high during the C-130 Low Transition Take-Off at the 2016 Cherry Point Airshow's Friday evening twilight show.Kind Of Reminds Me Of The Closing Scene From Top GunCapt. Katie Higgins smokes the tires, slowing Bert, during the twilight show at the 2016 MCAS Cherry Point Airshow.B-52, 60-0007 of the 23d Bomb Squadron "Barons."

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